Wednesday February 21st 2018

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Price: $71.95

"""EDMUNDS Hoop Floor Stand - 18"""" Hoop"""

"""Quilter's Wonder This hoop rotates to your most comfortable working position and has an adjustable base that brings the quilt to you for effortless stitching. The hoop tilts so you can work on t...

Price: $9.95

"""EDMUNDS Stitchers No-Slip Hoop Tape - 1/4"""" x 9 Yards"""

"""Stitchers No-Slip Hoop Tape - 1/4"""" x 9 Yards"""

Price: $11.95

"""EDMUNDS No-Slip Hoop Tape - 3/4"""" x 3 Yards"""

Quilters Line the inside walls of your embroidery hoops with this fantastic Quilters No-Slip Hoop Tape and you will no longer need to stop working to straighten your fabric.

Price: $21.95

"""EDMUNDS Quilting Ratchet Frame - 24"""""""

"""Edmunds Quilting Ratchet Frame Support your project with a frame and custom ratchets that can accommodate machine as well as hand quilting. A unique dowel design eliminates basting, tacking and t...

EDMUNDS Universal Craft Stand
Price: $35.95

EDMUNDS Universal Craft Stand

"""Edmunds Adjustable Craft Floor Stand is perfect for many types of craft projects. Constructed from durable American hardwood, it holds hoops, stretcher bars and scroll frames of all sizes. Easil...

EDMUNDS Edmunds Thread Keeper
Price: $65.95

EDMUNDS Edmunds Thread Keeper

This beautiful wood display stand is perfect for storing all of your spools of thread. The dowel rods hold both small and standard spools, and the decorative finials remove for easy loading and unload...

EDMUNDS Oval Wood Hoop with Floor Stand
Price: $39.95

EDMUNDS Oval Wood Hoop with Floor Stand

Get serious about your quilting. Perfect for many types of hand-quilting projects, this wood hoop tilts or swivels to a comfortable, hands-free working position. It can also be easily detached from th...

Price: $23.95

"""EDMUNDS Wood Embroidery Hoop - 8"""""""

"""Wood Embroidery Hoop — 8"""" Bring home the ultimate hoop for hand or machine embroidery. Made of hardwoods with a finely finished surface, it slips easily under a machine presser foot for ...

EDMUNDS Stitch Master Floor Stand
Price: $77.95

EDMUNDS Stitch Master Floor Stand

Frank A. Edmunds has combined the Quilter's Wonder and Stitcher's Wonder frames to create the Stitch Master. This floor standing frame will hold stretcher bars, quilt hoops (round or oval), scroll fra...

EDMUNDS Clip-On All-Purpose Light - Black
Price: $14.95

EDMUNDS Clip-On All-Purpose Light - Black

"""Clip-On All-Purpose Light — Black This lightweight and portable mini-lamp clips easily where you need it most. With a 12"""" adjustable neck, the light can concentrate its beam exactly wher...

Price: $19.95

"""EDMUNDS Wood Embroidery Hoop - 6"""""""

"""Great for hand or machine embroidery. The square shape of this hoop enables the stitcher to stich borders and edges with ease. Plus, its trim profile makes it slip easily under a machine's presser ...






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