Saturday February 24th 2018

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Price: $79.95

"""Bajalia BAJALIA """"Mahtab"""" Lapis Silvertone Cross Pendant with 30"""" Chain"""

"""BAJALIA """"Mahtab"""" Lapis Silvertone Cross Pendant Spread the word. Handcrafted in Afghanistan, this meaningful design tells the tale of the region's legendary lapis ... and Bajalia's efforts ...

Price: $69.95

"""Bajalia """"Sitarah"""" Lapis Silvertone Medallion Pendant with 25"""" Chain"""

"""BAJALIA """"Sitarah"""" Lapis Silvertone Medallion Pendant Wear a stirring testament to the power of style. In Afghanistan, women are becoming forces of change in their communities. This pendant,...

Price: $119.95

"""Bajalia BAJALIA """"Dalaram"""" Lapis Bead 22"""" Layering Necklace"""

"""BAJALIA """"Dalaram"""" Lapis Bead Layering Necklace This jewelry has a purpose: making a statement with your favorite outfits and bettering the lives of its Afghan women artisans. Help it realize...

Price: $159.95

"""Bajalia """"Rushan"""" Freeform and Oval Lapis Silvertone Cuff Bracelet"""

"""BAJALIA """"Rushan"""" Freeform and Oval Lapis Silvertone Cuff Bracelet Lapis is fabled to be one of the original trading stones and one of the first gems people wore as jewelry . Play a part in t...

Price: $139.95

"""Bajalia """"Fila"""" Lapis and Stone 2-Tone Cuff Bracelet"""

BAJALIA Rediscover the power of personal style through this distinctive cuff. The look is conceived and constructed by some of the world's most inspiring jewelry artisans. In partnership with Bajal...

Price: $99.95

"""Bajalia Lapis and Stone Silvertone and Goldtone Pear-Shaped Pendant with 25"""" Chain"""

BAJALIA Lapis and Stone Silvertone and Goldtone Pear-Shaped Pendant Fashion can foster change. In places like Afghanistan, women artisans partner with Bajalia to create handcrafted jewelry like this...

Price: $59.95

"""Bajalia """"Aruna"""" Brass Disc Threaded 20"""" Collar Necklace"""

"""BAJALIA """"Aruna"""" Brass Disc Threaded Collar Necklace Choose mindful design. Bajalia champions the entrepreneural efforts of artisans in places like India to bring you jewelry that supports t...

Price: $39.95

"""Bajalia BAJALIA """"Kanalai"""" Beaded 22"""" Oval Drop Necklace"""

"""BAJALIA """"Kanalai"""" Beaded Oval Drop Necklace Get lifted. Vibrant color and texture lend heavenly energy to favorite outfits. After all, this is jewelry inspired by that enchanting land just n...

Price: $279.95

"""Bajalia BAJALIA """"Asman"""" Lapis Station Silvertone 27-1/2"""" Necklace"""

"""BAJALIA """"Asman"""" Lapis Station Silvertone Necklace Transformative style. Handcrafted in Afghanistan, this bold neck piece embodies the hopes and dreams of its local artisans. Wear it as an e...

Price: $149.95

"""Bajalia BAJALIA """"Isu"""" Metal Cross 20-1/4"""" Drop Necklace"""

"""BAJALIA """"Isu"""" Metal Cross Drop Necklace Elaborate shapes embellish this Indian-made necklace and bring you the beauty of Ethiopia's diverse heritage. In the design's iconic form, you'll see ...

Price: $89.95

"""Bajalia BAJALIA """"Azin"""" Lapis and Multicolor Stone 2-Tone Dangle Earrings"""

Are your daily duds looking a little too domestic? Explore! With its festive dangles and bevy of Near Eastern details, this Bajalia creation whisks outfits away on a style adventure. It's a spirted wa...

Price: $34.97

"""Bajalia BAJALIA """"Monira"""" Marquise Lapis Antiqued Silvertone Dangle Earrings"""

Hope thrives in Afghanistan. In partnership with Bajalia, Afghan women transcend the dangers of their lives to power community-building projects. These earrings represent some of those efforts. They'r...

Price: $39.95

"""Bajalia BAJALIA """"Caymile"""" Paper Bead and Glass Stone 50-1/2"""" Necklace"""

"""BAJALIA """"Caymile"""" Paper Bead and Glass Stone Necklace Life goes on. Named for that sentiment, this Bajalia standout celebrates the can-do spirit of its Haitian artisans. Wear it to celebrat...

Price: $29.98

"""Bajalia BAJALIA """"Neha"""" Black and White Teardrop Dangle 18-1/2"""" Necklace"""

"""BAJALIA """"Neha"""" Black and White Teardrop Dangle Necklace Of the moment and for the future. The black and white combo goes from trending and edgy to low-key and classic. This neck piece taps ...

Price: $29.95

"""Bajalia BAJALIA """"Chitra"""" Multi-Strand Long Beaded Necklace"""

BAJALIA 'Chitra' Multi-Strand Long Beaded Necklace Want to curate a collection that makes a difference? Add this statement topper to your jewelry wardrobe. Distinctive mosaic details, stacks of bone ...

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